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Missing the thrill of “Cubtober”

By: Alex Patt To quote Green Day, “Wake me up when September ends.” That is how I feel when it comes to the Chicago Cubs 2021 season. For the first time since 2014, the Cubs will finish with a losing record and will miss the postseason for the second time in the past three years.Continue reading “Missing the thrill of “Cubtober””

Early 2021 Chicago Bears Predictions

By: Alex Patt One more preseason game before the Chicago Bears kickoff the 2021 NFL season in Los Angeles. The Bears have a few bubble spots up for grabs, but overall we have a good idea of what the roster will look like. Like it or not, Andy Dalton is slotted to be QB1. TheContinue reading “Early 2021 Chicago Bears Predictions”

I just need to rant about the Chicago Cubs…

[Warning: Takes on here can come off as overreacting or bold statements, but I am going to share anyway.] Trying to be rational about this team gets harder and harder by the day. At this point it feels like being rational is just admitting the “Golden Days” of the Chicago Cubs are gone. I trulyContinue reading “I just need to rant about the Chicago Cubs…”

Returning to Wrigley Field was amazing

By: Alex Patt On April 4th, 2021 I did something I had not done in over a year…attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Normally I go to roughly 3-6 games a season, but the COVID pandemic had kept myself and everyone else from attending games at the Friendly Confines in 2020. The last gameContinue reading “Returning to Wrigley Field was amazing”

Why this Chicago Cubs season will be emotional for me

By: Alex Patt The 2021 Chicago Cubs season will begin in less than two weeks, and for the first time a key member of my family won’t be around to watch it. My grandmother, one of the biggest Cubs fans ever, passed away on January 2nd after battling many health issues. For the first timeContinue reading “Why this Chicago Cubs season will be emotional for me”

My detailed thoughts on the 2021 Chicago Cubs

By: Alex Patt While I battle the snow and cold of Chicago, Cubs pitchers and catchers are reporting to the sunny and warm baseball facilities in Mesa, Arizona. It is time to get 2021 baseball activities under way. No matter what year it is, the fresh start to a new season always feels good. TheContinue reading “My detailed thoughts on the 2021 Chicago Cubs”